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  • Try our Online Narrator

    Posted on February 11th, 2011 sidek 8 comments

    Try our Online Narrator

    Welcome to the Faculty of Science Website

    The Faculty of Science, which was first established as the Division of Basic Sciences in 1972, has been through several restructuring processes, and now consists of four departments: Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics and Department of Physics. Our vision, inline with the University’s objectives, is to be an internationally renowned science faculty.

    As an established faculty in a research university the Faculty of Science is now well equipped to mold and transform ambitious science students into critical and creative thinking graduates who are ready for the job markets or to continue their studies at the postgraduate levels. Undergraduate study programs are designed to provide solid background in their respective fields of study and to develop scientific perspective. Knowledge and skill are transferred to the students by well trained and experienced academic staff using the latest effective teaching and learning techniques supported by up to date facilities. The faculty is also offering postgraduate programs in various fields of basic and applied sciences [ more ]. These postgraduate programs train science graduates to be qualified scientists in their chosen fields.

    The quality of our lecturers and the research work conducted in the faculty are recognized nationally and internationally. Each year, the faculty’s academic staff publish hundreds of journal research articles and win various research awards. The faculty has been one of the largest recipients of research grants in the University and is striving to improve on the excellent record.

    Thank you for visiting our website.

    Visit Vosme website and give a try.

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  • MOHE - FRGS and ERGS 2011

    Posted on February 11th, 2011 sidek 13 comments

    Please be informed that Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) will be opening Fundamental grants through both FRGS and ERGS schemes on 15th February 2011. This time it will be via manual application. Dateline for submission to MOHE will be on 15th April 2011 for ERGS and 30th April 2011 for FRGS. All submissions must be sent through RMC within three (3) weeks before the closing date. As a proactive action, researchers are advised to start preparing proposals for:

    1) FRGS : manual application, form downloadable from RMC’s website. The existing FRGS guidelines are still applicable.

    2) ERGS : manual application, form and guidelines downloadable from RMC’s website

    For further info, please refer to the presentation slides from Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi, MOHE.
    Listen >

    FRGS & ERGS Guidelines - Powerpoint


    Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi merupakan peneraju dalam penyelidikan bersifat fundamental bagi menggalakkan penjanaan ilmu yang mampu menyumbang terhadap peningkatan tahap intelektual, penciptaan teknologi baru dan penyuburan budaya yang dinamik selaras dengan aspirasi negara. Penyelidikan fundamental merupakan penyelidikan asas yang boleh menghasilkan teori, konsep dan idea baru demi perkembangan ilmu.

    Di bawah RMKe-9, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) telah memperuntukan sebanyak RM200 juta bagi membiayai projek-projek penyelidikan fundamental di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam, Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta dan Universiti Cawangan. Pihak Kementerian telah membuka permohonan Skim Geran Penyelidikan Fundamental (FRGS) buat pertama kalinya pada tahun 2006. Sehingga tahun 2010, sebanyak RM85 juta tambahan peruntukan telah diluluskan disebabkan permintaan yang amat menggalakkan. Ini menjadikan peruntukan keseluruhan di bawah RMKe-9 adalah sebanyak RM285 juta.

    Penyelidikan fundamental di bawah RMKe-9 telah mencapai objektifnya dalam pembangunan modal insan yang berkualiti selain menggalakkan penjanaan teori, konsep dan idea baru yang dapat menjadi pemangkin kepada penemuan baru dan penciptaan yang inovatif. Sehubungan itu, di bawah RMKe-10, peruntukan dana penyelidikan telah ditingkatkan kepada RM741 juta bagi membiayai 5 program penyelidikan termasuk FRGS. Pembiayaan geran FRGS meliputi bidang-bidang asas yang dapat menyokong agenda strategik negara. Bidang-bidang yang dikenalpasti adalah:-

    Sains Tulen (Pure Science)
    Sains Gunaan (Applied Science)
    Teknologi dan Kejuruteraan (Technology and Engineering)
    Sains Kesihatan dan Klinikal (Clinical and Health Sciences)
    Sains Sosial (Social Sciences)
    Sastera dan Sastera Ikhtisas (Arts and Applied Arts)
    Sains Tabii dan Warisan Negara (Natural Sciences and National Heritage)

    Selain pembangunan modal insan, dana penyelidikan FRGS diharap dapat membudayakan penyelidikan fundamental di IPT di samping dapat menjana penemuan penyelidikan sama ada dalam bentuk penemuan ilmu baru, kaedah baru atau pembangunan teknologi baru. Pihak KPT akan sentiasa komited dalam meningkatkan keupayaan R&D, keupayaan saintifik dan keupayaan inovasi negara bagi memastikan budaya penyelidikan fundamental akan terus dikembangkan di setiap IPT.
    JPT, MOHE Website

    Source from RMC UPM & MOHE Malaysia

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