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Biodiversity And Conservation

Researches in biodiversity and conservation are crucial due to the fact that it is one of the key environmental concerns of our time, and conservation work requires experts who understand the science underpinning practical activities. Focal researches engage with the concepts and practices in biodiversity from interdisciplinary perspectives and at an advanced level via utilization of new technological forces for the future of biodiversity science and management. Researches on the diversity of flora and fauna, particularly on hill and lowland forests, mangroves, and peat swamp forests; aquatic ecosystem and agriculture are extensively studied in this department. Several new species have been discovered, systematically preserved and documented for future scientific references. Students in this department are also trained on the fundamental and applied aspects in biodiversity and conservation. In addition, the research findings are also shared and disseminated with members of local communities, schools, non-governmental agencies, governmental agencies and international collaborators.

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