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Dr. Mohd Amiruddin Abd Rahman


   Dr. Mohd Amiruddin Abd Rahman 
Senior Lecturer

 Office Location: 213 Physics A Building

 Phone: +603-89466676
 Email: mohdamir@upm.edu.my
 Personal Page: http://profile.upm.edu.my/mohdamir

Education Backgrounds

  • PhD. (Wireless Communication), Co-tutelle - University of Sheffield, UK and Universiti Putra Malaysia

  • MSc. (Sensor and Instrumentation), Universiti Putra Malaysia       

  • BSc. (Electrical Engineering), Purdue University, US  


Dr. Abd Rahman is a Senior Lecturer with Department of Physics Universiti Putra Malaysia. He gained BSc in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, United States. He also obtained an MSc degree in Sensor and Instrumentation from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He is the first person that was awarded with a joint (co-tutelle) PhD degree between University of Sheffield, United Kingdom and Universiti Putra Malaysia. During his PhD studies, he worked on developing new algorithms for multi-floor indoor localization system and also proposing new approach in indoor localization system based on WLAN.  He has also joined Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (now Nokia Bell Labs), Dublin, Ireland as a post-graduate research intern to carried out research and working with research team on co-localization and tracking algorithm for WLAN networks. He has also served as an invited researcher in Bell Labs Antwerp, Belgium to apply the localization system for Bell-Labs Future-X day. He currently leads the research in indoor localization within radio frequency and microwave research group. His other research interests also includes signal processing, pattern recognition/ matching/ prediction, machine learning algorithms, electromagnetics-related computation and modelling and RF and microwave based sensor system. 

Current Research(s) & Project(s)

Indoor Localization & Positioning

The research in the area mainly consists on development of new or improved algorithm of localization system. Additionally, the localization system could be in the passive mode where the localization of the object is used to automate or give indicator to other electrical system. The research may also include improvement of localization system based on hardware approach or implementing localization system using other technology such as inertial sensor, wireless sensor networks, barometer, and magnetometer.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics

Big data from various sources such as consumer-related data, transportation data, statistical data could provide a valuable information for the industries or government to predict the future of the production and growth of the company or country. Pattern recognition is a good tool to be used to classify this sort of data to be a meaningful data and could be applied for the aforementioned purpose. On the other hand, this could also be applied to small-scale data which could provide future prediction for a newly developed sensor system. Additionally, machine learning algorithm is a superior technique to classify such data.

Computational Electromagnetics

The research in this area mainly investigates the wave propagation using various established model and also to find out new models to predict the behaviour of the wave at a distance from the transmitter. The transmitter is a new or enhanced type of antenna system which could be used in wireless communication system.

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

This is a current research area that are in demands for fully autonomous system to be developed. Project can range from smart sensor developments, embedded algorithms, and fully functional systems. Applications includes agriculture, vehicles, and biomedical applications.

He constantly looks for talented researcher (MSc, PhD, Post-Doc, Visiting Researcher) to join the research group. If you would like to contribute, please send your enquiries to mohdamir@upm.edu.my for quick response.


Current Funding(s)

Project Title: Novel Indoor Localisation Algorithms Based on Magnetic Flux Density and Fusion with Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Signal
Sponsor: Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
Award Total: RM81200
Duration: August 2017-August 2019



Current Student(s)

Main Supervisor
  1. Muhammad Syahrul Azwan Ramli (PhD)
    Project Title: Artificial Intelligence in Estimating Cash Crop Peri and Post Production Processes
  2. Alade Ibrahim Olanrewaju (PhD)
    Project Title: A computationally intelligent of nanofluid thermophysical properties predictions
  3. Adib bin Ali (PhD)
    Project Title: Indoor positioning and tracking within IoT transceiver environment
  4. Muhammad Syahmi Samsuri (MSc)
    Project Title: Feasibility of Magnetic Field Fingerprint for Indoor Positioning
  5. Caceja Elyca Bundak (MSc)
    Project Title: Improvement of Indoor Positioning based on Hybrid WLAN and Magnetic Field Technology


  1. Nor Aina binti Abdul Wahab (PhD)(co-supervise with Dr. Nurul Huda (UPM)) 
    Project Title: Dielectric properties investigation of fruits
  2. Ibrahim Ismaila Lakin (PhD)(co-supervise with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifly Abbas (UPM)) 
    Project Title: Microstrip sensor for agricultural applications


Completed Student(s)


  1. Ahmad Khamis (M.Sc)
    Date: September 2016 - September 2019
    Project Title: Preparation and Characterisation of Epoxy Resin Fiber and Fe2O3

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