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Dr. Mohd Mustafa Awang Kechik


   Dr. Mohd Mustafa Awang Kechik
 Associate Professor

 Office Location: 312 Physics A Building
 Phone: +603-89466671
 Email: mmak@upm.edu.my
 Personal     Page: http://profile.upm.edu.my/mmak

Education Backgrounds

  • PhD. (Superconductor) University of  Birmingham, UK

  • MSc. (Physics), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia      

  • BSc. (Physics) Universiti Putra Malaysia  


Dr. M.M. Awang Kechik is currently an Associate Professor at the Physics Department,  UPM. He obtained his PhD in Superconductor from the University of Birmingham in 2011. His work mainly focuses on flux pinning in HTS superconducting films. Dr. M.M. Awang Kechik joined the School of Electrical, Electronic and System Engineering, University of Birmingham in January 2014-January 2016 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. He works to evaluate the impact of random uncertainties in measurements of the relative permittivity of thin films on the design of microwave devices. He has published over 52 research articles in journals. He is a member of Institute of Physics, London, European Society for Applied Superconductivity (ESAS), The Birmingham Metallurgical Association and Malaysian Solid State Science and Technology (MASS).


Current Research Interest(s)


High Temperature Superconductor

Focus on fundamental studies of both the fabrication and characterization of YBCO 123 thin films grown on Strontium Titanate (STO) substrate by the Pulsed Laser Deposition and RF Sputtering methods, with emphasis on the improvement of critical current density through optimizing the processing conditions and through the addition of nano pinning inclusions.


Microwave Properties of Electronic Materials

He also works on influence of uncertainty in dielectric properties on the design performance of a tunable composite right/left handed leaky wave antenna in collaboration with Emerging Device Technology, School of Electrical, Electronic and System Engineering, University of Birmingham.


Postgraduate Student(s)


Abdalla Imhmed Bahboh-PhD (2015-2019)- Co-Supervisor
Nabilah Yusuf- M.Sc. (2015-2018)-Main Supervisor 
Nurhidayah Mohd Hapipi- M.Sc. (2015-2017)-Co-Supervisor
Nurul Auni Khalid- M.Sc. (2013-2016)-Main Supervisor
Nor Atikah Baharuddin- M.Sc. (2013-2016)-Main Supervisor 
Wan Nur Wathiq Wan Jusoh- M.Sc. (2013-2016)- Co-Supervisor
Edmunds Lim Hua Hong- M.Sc. (2012-2015)- Co-Supervisor
Aima Ramli- Ph.D. (2011-2015)-Co-Supervisor
Arlina Ali- Ph.D. (2011-2015)-Co-Supervisor

Current Students

Barood Fatma Ali Alfrgani-PhD (2019-ongoing)- Main Supervisor
Ryad Arebat-PhD (2020-ongoing)- Main Supervisor
Siti Aisyah Abdul Wahab- PhD (2017-ongoing)- Co-Supervisor  
Ibrahim Garba Shitu (2018-ongoing)- Co-Supervisor
Nurul Auni Khalid-PhD (2018-2021)- Main Supervisor
Nurhidayah Mohd Hapipi- PhD (2018-2021)- Co- Supervisor
Siti Nabilah Abdullah-M.Sc. (2018-ongoing) - Main Supervisor
Aliah Nursyahirah binti Kamarudin-M.Sc. (2018-ongoing) - Main Supervisor
Muhammad Arash bin Raees Ahmad-M.Sc. (2018-ongoing) - Main Supervisor 
Abdalla Imhmed Bahboh-PhD (2015-ongoing) -Co-Supervisor
Mohd Faisal Mohd Aris-PhD (2015-ongoing) -Co-Supervisor
Lau Lik Nguong-PhD (2017-ongoing) -Co-Supervisor
Nur Athirah Che Dzul-Kifli- M.Sc. (2017-ongoing)-Main Supervisor
Safia Izzati Sukor- M.Sc. (2016-ongoing)-Main Supervisor


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