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Client's Charter

1)Preparing and working on continuous improvement in all aspects of teaching, research work and professional consultancy in line with the highest global standards and practice;

2)Preparing quality higher education programmes and establishing a conducive learning environment in order to improve the acquisition of knowledge in meeting the Nation’s inspirations on development;

3)Enriching research fields with new findings that can improve the quality of life and the Nation’s economic development as a whole;

4)Establishing quality management that is efficient and effective, and a conducive and dynamic working and learning environment to allow the staff and students to be more open-minded in order to develop their utmost potential;

5)Preparing professional consultancy to improve management’s effectiveness as a whole; and

6)Providing equal space and opportunities to all nationals despite their different beliefs, races and religions in order to obtain quality higher education.

Updated:: 05/10/2015 [nashrin]


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