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The focuses of the research in applied mathematics are fluid dynamics, fracture mechanics, differential games, optimization and stability, operations research and cryptography. Research in fluids dynamics are focused on the fluid motions with wide-ranging applications in fundamental and engineering sciences. The current interest is stability of fluid flow and surface tension gradient phenomena.  Whereas research activities in the fracture mechanics are focused on 2-D and 3-D crack problems.  The numerical solutions on singular and hypersingular integral equations that appear in the crack problems are also discussed. In the field of operation research, the main research interest includes solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems (COPs) like machine scheduling problems, cutting and packing problems, resource allocation problems, traveling salesman problems and vehicle routing problems using genetic algorithms. Differential game studies the problems of pursuit-evasion involving many players. On the other hand, research in stability includes the determination of the domains of attraction of non autonomous systems and the stability of periodic systems and time varying systems using the methods of Lyapunov and Zubov, whereas for optimization research interest focuses on large scale unconstrained optimization which includes gradient methods, quasi-newton updates, positive definite scaled symmetric rank one method and limited memory BFGS updates. Lastly, among the area of study in cryptography are primality testing, factoring large integers, lattice-based cryptography, sieve methods, elliptic curve cryptography and discrete log problems.


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