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Dr. Nurisya Mohd Shah

   Dr. Nurisya Mohd Shah 
 Senior Lecturer

 Office Location: 321 Physics B Building

 Phone: +603-89466669
 Email: risya@upm.edu.my
 Personal Web Page: http://profile.upm.edu.my/risya

Education Backgrounds

  • PhD. (Mathematical Physics), Concordia University, Canada

  • MSc. (Quanta & Space-time), Universiti Putra Malaysia

  • BSc. (Physics), Universiti Putra Malaysia



Dr. Nurisya has been with the Department of Physics, University Putra Malaysia (UPM) since 2005 when she joined in as a tutor and presently has been appointed as senior lecturer in 2014. Her works are in the field of theoretical physics (mathematical physics area) and has been actively involved in developing research in theoretical physics in the department and thus the faculty. In addition, she is also a research associate at the Laboratory of Computational Sciences and Mathematical Physics at Institute of Mathematical Research, INSPEM, UPM.

Research Interest

Quantum states of the noncommutative quantum mechanics model

The study of associated wave functions in the noncommutative quantum mechanics model

Biorthogonal polynomials

Analysis of the properties of polynomials arise in the noncommutative quantum mechanics model i.e. deformed Hermite polynomials for noncommutative quantum harmonic oscillator

Geometry of polynomials

Understanding properties of geometry and visualize the polynomials which associated to the states of a particular quantum mechanics model.

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