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History of Faculty


The Faculty of Science began with the establishment of the Basic Sciences Unit in July 1972. It included the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The aim then was to offer courses needed by students in the first year Diploma and Bachelor Degree programs in the fields of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine. The Unit also offered the Diploma Science with Education program. 

In 1974 the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology was added to the four existing departments. Then, in January 1975, the Basic Sciences Unit was upgraded to the Faculty of Science. The first degree programmes were the Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Bachelor of Science with Education (Hons).


The founding Dean was Professor Ariffin Suhaimi - BSc. Hons, MSc., Dip. Ed (Singapore). PhD (Reading). 

In August 1976, the Faculty of Science was renamed Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies (Fakulti Sains dan Pengajian Alam Sekitar – FSAS) upon the establishment of the Department of Environmental Sciences and introduction of the Bachelor of Environmental Studies program.

The Department of Mathematics began offering the Diploma in Computer Science and the Bachelor in Computer Science programs in 1982, and 10 years later, in March 1992 the Department of Computer Science was formed, bringing the total of departments in FSAS to seven.

Subsequently, the Department of Computer Science was upgraded to the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (October 1998). 

Six years later, in September 2004, the Department of Environmental Science was upgraded to the Faculty of Environmental Science. Taking similar path, the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology merged with the Department of Biotechnology from the Faculty of Food Technology to become the new Faculty of Biotechnology and Molecular Science.

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