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Academic, Students' Affairs and Alumni

The main responsibilities of this Division is to serve the administration of academic matters at the Faculty which include the Curriculum, Student Intake and Enrollment, Registration, Final Examination, Student Records and the Management online Quality Management System.

Functions of Academic Division

  1. To devise an integrated time tabling system both for course and examinations schedule appropriate for all Bachelor of Engineering programmes.
  2. To complement and strengthen the registration of courses based on the curriculum and study scheme to enable the course registration be implemented based on University and College Act (Academic Matters) 2003.
  3. To implement an effective control system in the provision of Bachelor of Engineering programme, which include the development and review of programme, the appointment of external assessor and examiner, the appointment of Advisory Committee.
  4. To improve the teaching and learning facilities at lecture halls in terms modern infrastructure for a conducive learning.
  5. To improve the quality of service through the implementation of MS ISO 9001:2008 as well as improving the awareness and professionalism of from the aspect of accountability, productivity, and performance.
  6. To improve and strengthen the procedure of the conduct of final examination to ascertain an effective, systematic and transparent continuous assessment.
  7. To manage and administer the student intake to ensure that University obtains excellent students in its effort to produce quality and competitive graduates.

Updated:: 23/12/2021