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University and the Faculty provide variety of prizes and awards to students who excel in their academic studies. This recognition will encourage all students in the Faculty to work hard and compete with each other to improve their academic performances and co-curricular activities, indirectly this will also enhance the image of the Faculty and University. List of University, Faculty and Department�s prizes are as follows:

University Level Prizes

Name of Prize

Criteria of Award

Chancellor Gold Medal

The best graduates (Bachelor level)�� overall, with CGPA ofat least 3.500 with no�� disciplinary record

Royal Education�� Award

The Best�� Bumiputera and�� non Bumiputera Graduates(Bachelor level) with First Class and without grade of F or repeatedcourse(s).

Alumni Gold Medal

The best graduates�� (Bachelor level) in academic achievement

Yayasan Pak Rashid Gold Medal

The best Bachelor graduates in terms of academic andextra-curricular, with CGPA of at least3.500, able to communicate well in English, without grade of F, repeated�� course (s) and additionalsemester (s).

Syed Kechik Award

The best Bumiputera�� students with academic excellence at freshmen level (provided that he has completedat least 30 credits).

Faculty Level Awards

Award Name

Criteria of Awards

Professor Award, Faculty of Science

a)The best graduate (Bachelor level) based on overall academic and extra-curricular achievement)
b)Graduate who obtains a CGPA of at�� least 3.500 and above
c)Actives in the activities of the Faculty
d) With no disciplinary action
e)�With no repeated course(s) or/and additional�� semester(s)

Dean�s Award, Faculty�� Science

a) Bachelor Graduate who produces The Best Final Year Project Report
b)�Certified by the Assessment Panel forthe Best Project of the Faculty.
c)�Completed the final year project within two semesters.
d)�With no� disciplinary action

Young Scientist Award

a) The best Bumiputera freshman student (Bachelor level) in terms of�� academic at (provided that he/she has completed at least 30 credits)
b)�Student with a CGPA of at least 3.500
c)�With no disciplinary action
d)�With no repeated course(s) or/and additional semester(s)

UPM Corperation Award

a) The best overall Bumiputera Graduate (Bachelor�� level) in the academic field
b)�Graduate obtains a CGPA of at least 3.500
c)�With no disciplinary action
d)�No�repeated course(s) or/and�� additional semester(s)

Graduates� of Science Aquatic Awards

a)�Graduate produces the best research report�� of AquaticScience and majoring�� in the field ofAquatic Science.
b)�Graduate obtains a CGPA of at least 3.500
c)� Final Year Project in the field of Aquatic Science and obtained grade A
d)�Took at leastthree elective courses in the field of Aquatic Science with CGPA of�� the courses of more than 3.8

Vice-Chancellor�s Award

Full-time students who obtained Grade Point Average 4.000� for a particular semester will be listed in the Vice-Chancellor's� Honours List and awarded certificates of appreciation by the University.

Deans List Award

Full-time students who received Grade Point Average of 3.750 to 3.999 for a semester will be listed on the Dean's Honours List and awarded certificates of appreciation by the Faculty.




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