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Programs involved

  • � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Biology
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Physics
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Materials Science
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Instrumentation Science
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Chemistry
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Industrial Chemistry
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Petroleum Chemistry
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Mathematics
    � Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Major Statistics

Duration of Training

Students are required to undergo industrial training for 24 weeks according to the schedule set by the faculty.

Industrial Training Briefing

To facilitate the placement of Industrial Training, Industrial Training briefing session will be held at two (2) times before the students undergo training in the relevant agencies. Meeting date will be announced from time to time by the faculty to the students.

Industrial Training Application Procedure

  1. Students are required to complete an application form which will be distributed during the briefing session of the first meeting.
  2. Students are free to choose any agency of interest either from within or outside the country. However, students are allowed to choose only one (1) only the most preferred agency for Industrial Training at any one time.
  3. The completed form should obtain confirmation from each program coordinator before being sent to the Assistant Coordinator.
  4. All the feedback from the employer will be notified to each student from time to time
  5. Exchange Training placement industry members are not allowed, unless the agency applied reject the application.
  6. Students are encouraged to join us on facebook for access to all the latest information on Industrial Training

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